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in a new revised, expanded, 10th Anniversary Edition

About Us

Abiegnus House publishes books and related materials that support the exploration and practice of spirituality in the Western Mystery Tradition.

We have named our company for Abiegnus (that's commonly pronounced ah-bee-AIG-nus),  the Rosicrucian Mountain of Initiation, as a statement of our intent that the books we publish are meant to serve as initiatory gateways and guides for our readers. We are dedicated to providing resources for seekers who are exploring a variety of spiritual paths as well as for those who have chosen a specific path and wish to delve more deeply into its unique history and practices.

Abiegnus House will publish books and other materials that inform, inspire, and empower readers in their search for spiritual growth and understanding. 

Isis Magic

We are proud to offer this new edition of Isis Magic as our first publication.

As in the previous edition, the first part of Isis Magic helps you discover the many faces of Isis as seen through the eyes of Her devotees, from ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean world to the secret societies of the past and today’s Neo-Pagan groups and individuals. The second part offers a spiritual path that guides you in creating or deepening your own relationship with this most powerful and magical of living Goddesses.

This new Abiegnus House edition of Isis Magic offers you even more, including:

  •  New meditations and exercises  

  • New rituals for every stage of your relationship with Isis


  • A more powerful Opening of the Ways rite for the Votary


  • More graceful Egyptian language for the Star of Isis ritual


  • A new same-sex wedding ceremony


  • A new rite of ascension for the Magician of Isis


  • A major new initiatory rite, The Twelve Hours of the Night, for the Prophetess or Prophet of Isis


  • Less formal, easier-to-understand ritual instructions


  • New illustrations to help explain concepts, and new photographs to enjoy


  • And for the scholars among us, true footnotes rather than endnotes—to make your own further researches easier